EOS Group is an international expert in receivables management.

The right choice for banks and financial institutions.

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EOS Aremas Belgium arose from a joint venture between Alpha Credit (BNP Paribas Fortis) and the international EOS Group (a company of the Otto Group). As a part of two highly capitalized groups, we profit from the strong financial background of the parent companies as well as from an international network.  As a result, we have quickly expanded into a leading player in purchasing and managing receivables in the financial industry, with a strong focus on banking debts for individuals as well as for companies.  

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Smart solutions for Credit Management

  • If you prefer to keep the ownership of your debts, then a commission-based solution is the right way for you.  No win, no fee, you only pay commission on successful recoveries. Your B2C and B2B customers will be approached by us, using a collection process depending on your requirements considering our mutual solid and honest reputation in every step of the way.  Contact us  to draw out your scenario.

  • We have over two decades of experience with banking debt purchase. Sell your defaulting debts to us, this is the quickest and easiest solution for you to boost your cash flow. You benefit from instant liquidity and a clean balance sheet as we offer you the best price for your fresh and written-off portfolios. Contact us  to talk about a tailor-made price offer for your one-off or regular sale of debts.

  • EOS is a strong brand with a sound reputation all over the world. Your international debts are treated in the country of origin of the debtor thanks to our EOS “Cross Border” platform. The communication towards you stays at EOS Aremas Belgium. Please  contact us   to learn more about our collection business abroad.

  • Roel Dumont
    Managing Director of EOS Aremas

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  • Fiona Van den Bossche
    Head of Operations of EOS Aremas

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  • Serge Bossant
    Sales & Business Development Manager of EOS Aremas

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