EOS, interntational partner in receivables management published the annual report "Insights" about the financial year 2017/18.

EOS Insights.

Annual Report of the EOS Group 2017/18

Our Vision for EOS.

EOS is becoming a technology-driven financial investor and international innovation leader: CEO Klaus Engberding on his vision for the Group.

Digital perspectives.

Why do you get up in the morning and go to work? At EOS the staff and the CEO are answering this question together.

Building the future together.

The EOS Group is different today than it was just one year ago. A far-reaching cultural change is making EOS quicker, more agile and more digital. The goal is clear: ‘For a debt-free world’.

Machine learning is coming into its own.

How does data-driven decision making work in receivables management? Pioneering work done at EOS shows the potential of machine learning.

Shared data is better data.

With its new Center of Analyics EOS now has a shared data platform for all its subsidiaries. The CoA analyzes data from all markets and accounts for their regional characteristics.

Towards better decision-making.

The predictive power of its analytics platform D3 enables EOS to contact each debtor in the most promising way - with convincing results.

Demanding deals done by good teams.

Dealing in secured debt is no easy task: At EOS these complex transactions are handled by a network of teams with expertise in NPL and international contracts.

In Eastern Europe NPL traders face old challenges and new opportunities.

Poor data quality is a common problem when assessing NPL portfolios in Europe, says Karel Smerak, Director of the Transaction Center NPL Secured for Eastern Europe.

The amazing development of retail loans in Hungary.

EOS Hungary was one of the first players to realize the potential of secured retail loans - rising to a leading position in the booming market.

Our year in numbers.

A 19.8 percent increase in turnover. 237.6 EURO million in earnings. And 7,441 employees with zero doubt about the future: EOS had a great business year 2017/18.

Stronger growth, new challenges: EOS' Directors look back on the financial year 2017/18.

Looking back at 2017/18: The EOS Board recount the recent financial year.

NPL deals: new ground and familiar sights.

EOS is expanding its position as a leading buyer of NPL: in 2017/18 the Group consolidated its position in Serbia and Spain and entered the Canadian market.

Speeding things up for EOS' B2B clients.

Business customers benefit from EOS' new self-service portal Stargate that helps speed up collection processes. New features are driven by user feedback.

Innovation, every day.

EOS is embracing digitisation: The company is innovating debt collection with its apps, customer platforms and AI systems.

Debt collection across borders.

EOS partner company Al Wadi is working in one of the most challenging markets for receivables management: The United Arab Emirates.

Guardian of the holy grail.

To meet rising data protection requirements, EOS' Chief Compliance Officer Kirsten Pedd is rolling out a global data privacy strategy.

The perils of late payments.

Many European firms can't invest in digitisation because of late payments, the Survey 'European Payment Practices' shows.

Professional dunning for small and medium enterprises.

Most SME don't have a professional dunning system in place. Now they can turn to the Deutsche Verrechnungsstelle (DV) to cover that base.

Speed beats strategy.

Disrupt yourself: Google Germany's former CEO Christian Baudis on how companies can survive the challenges of digitisation.

Dunning needs a human touch.

You don't want to annoy a customer - even if he missed a payment. That's why Slowakian lender Home Credit hired EOS KSI to handle its arrears.

The record breakers.

United Bulgarian Bank just sold the largest debt portfolio ever in offer in Middle- and Eastern Europe. Few companies can handle such a deal - EOS Matrix is one of them.

“We want a happy ending for defaulting payers.”

Defaulting payers often react with skepticism and rejection when EOS reaches out to them – until they realize that the call center agents are actually here to help them.

Know your strength.

Belgium's leading bank BNP Paribas Fortis has handed its receivables management over to EOS Aremas - to better focus on their core business.