Lorsqu'il s'agit de recouvrement de créances, vous vous heurtez constamment à des idées reçues, allant du préjudice à la réputation, à des pratiques commerciales scandaleuses ou encore à des coûts et des commissions de plus en plus élevés pour le créancier.

Les agents du centre d'appels EOS ont d’excellents antécédents quand il s'agit d'aider les gens à payer leurs dettes.

How does data-driven decision making work in receivables management? Pioneering work done at EOS shows the potential of machine learning.

The predictive power of its analytics platform D3 enables EOS to contact each debtor in the most promising way - with convincing results.

With its new Center of Analytics EOS now has a shared data platform for all its subsidiaries. It analyzes data from all markets and accounts for their regional characteristics.

United Bulgarian Bank just sold the largest debt portfolio ever in offer in Middle- and Eastern Europe. Few companies can handle such a deal - EOS Matrix is one of them.

Belgium's leading bank BNP Paribas Fortis has handed its receivables management over to EOS Aremas - to better focus on their core business.

Defaulting payers often react with skepticism and rejection when EOS reaches out to them - until they realize that the call center agents are actually here to help them.

EOS partner company Al Wadi is working in one of the most challenging markets for receivables management: The United Arab Emirates.

A 19.8 percent increase in turnover. 237.6 EURO million in earnings. And 7,441 employees with zero doubt about the future: EOS had a great business year 2017/18.