De nouvelles réglementations pourraient attirer des investisseurs de haute qualité et faire augmenter les volumes d’opérations

Marwin Ramcke, Directeur d’EOS, explique sa stratégie de réussite pour le négoce des NPL en 2018

Looking back at 2017/18: The EOS Board recount the recent financial year.

Poor data quality is a common problem when assessing NPL portfolios in Europe, says Karel Smerak, Director of the Transaction Center NPL Secured for Eastern Europe.

EOS Hungary was one of the first players to realize the potential of secured retail loans - rising to a leading position in the booming market.

EOS is expanding its position as a leading buyer of NPL: in 2017/18 the Group consolidated its position in Serbia and Spain and entered the Canadian market.

A 19.8 percent increase in turnover. 237.6 EURO million in earnings. And 7,441 employees with zero doubt about the future: EOS had a great business year 2017/18.

Dealing in secured debt is no easy task: At EOS these complex transactions are handled by a network of teams with expertise in NPL and interntional contracts.