Changing finances for the better - EOS in Belgium

EOS in Belgium.
Changing finances for the better.

Which company have you been contacted by? You don‘t know? Just check on the letter, email or SMS you‘ve received.

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Claims from public services, utilities, insurances, telcos, health sector and many more companies
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This was our financial year 2022/23.

Fiscal 2022/23 was characterized by uncertainty. Learn here how the EOS Group nevertheless managed to achieve a positive result. In our Annual and Sustainability Report, you’ll find all our KPIs and business highlights and learn what the EOS Group is doing to meet its ESG (environmental, social and governance) responsibilities.
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EOS Survey “European Payment Practices 2022”: Late payments are causing problems for businesses.

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EPP 2022
EPP 2022

Over the course of the pandemic, customer payment behavior in Europe has deteriorated. How do companies respond? In the EOS survey "European Payment Practices 2022", 3,200 financial experts from 16 countries provide insights about their companies: What role do outsourcing and the digitalization of accounts receivable management, data-driven decisions, sustainability strategies or artificial intelligence play?

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We foster future talent.

We empower our employees to make their own decisions. We promote independence, courage and collaboration. Together we push the limits.
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Develop the future.

What do more than 6,000 employees worldwide work for every single day in the EOS Group?
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