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I received a payment reminder.

Why's that? Have you bought goods or services that remain unpaid or took credit and still have some payments due? Maybe you forgot? What’s next? We will offer you help.

Which company have you been contacted by? You don‘t know? Just check on the letter, email or SMS you‘ve received.

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EOS Contentia

Claims from public services, utilities, insurances, telcos, health sector and many more companies
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EOS Survey “European Payment Practices 2022”: Late payments spell trouble for companies

In the course of the pandemic, the payment practices of customers in Europe have deteriorated. How are companies responding? In the EOS survey “European Payment Practices 2022”, 3,200 financial executives from 16 countries provide insights into their companies: What role is played by outsourcing and the digitalization of receivables management, data-driven decisions, sustainability strategies or artificial intelligence?
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This was our financial year 2021/22

Stable development in turbulent times: EOS Consolidated looks back on a solid fiscal 2021/22. You will find all facts and figures, video statements by the Board of Directors, and other insights into the world of receivables management in our Annual Report.

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