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We improve your cash flow quicker.

EOS Contentia is the undisputed leader in managing and purchasing non-bank receivables today. Our expertise extends to receivables from the energy, insurance, e-commerce, telecommunications and healthcare sectors. The receivables are managed on behalf of the client or purchased. Throughout the process, we rely on our vast know-how and the latest technologies.

Our solutions

Outsourcing services for arrears management

Let us save you time and money. Handing responsibility for debt collection to EOS saves you time and energy and gives you peace of mind. We contact non-paying customers, both B2B and B2C, through all available channels. And we use tact and professionalism at all times to maintain positive relationships with your customers. Your customer will be treated the way you define, with a tone of voice and script we agree upon together, and we'll use all our skills to make him pay his arrears.
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Debt Purchase

Over the last few years EOS Contentia has gained a leading experience in buying portfolios as a one-off sale as well as on a regular base. Our knowledge gives us an advance over many competitors because the process of selling portfolios is a demanding and complex process from the sellers point of view. In accompanying several sellers in this process, EOS Contentia makes sure both parties have a satisfying experience with smooth processes and clear contractual rights and obligations.
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Amicable Debt collection: Faster and Cheaper.

Debt collection is the heart of our business, something in which we excell. We have the people, the technology and the strategy to collect the maximum out of your unpaid invoices. We are through specialist of amicable collection in quite some branches and that on the whole Belgian territory: Energy, insurance, medical, e-commerce, public sector etc. and that is for B2B and B2C. We prioritize amicable collections above legal collections because it is more cost-efficient to do so in Belgium. However, we have professional third parties with whom we are working on the legal collections part if needed or requested by our partners.
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International Debt Collection

Like every EOS Subsidiary EOS Contentia benefits from the EOS Cross Border platform making sure your international unpaid invoices will be treated in a highly efficient way in the country of origin of the debtor. Important for our partners is that communication about every international file is with EOS Contentia, acting as a SPOC.On the other way around, we manage claims for foreign companies within Belgium.
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Your contact

Yves Van Nieuwenburg

Commercial Manager of EOS Contentia


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