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Financial literacy means responsibility: A girl sits at a laptop and takes part in online learning.

How EOS is committed to a debt-free world.

In order to curb excessive personal debt, EOS is taking responsibility and is committed to improving financial literacy in society.
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Portrait photograph of Marwin Ramcke, Managing Director of the EOS Group and responsible for the Eastern Europe region

Interview with new EOS CEO Ramcke: “We are going to set new benchmarks.”

Marwin Ramcke leads the EOS Group as new CEO. In this interview he reveals his plans for the future and discusses the challenges he sees managers facing today.
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CSR strategy of the EOS Group: EOS headquarters on the Steindamm in Hamburg

How debt collection can help create a sustainable world

The EOS Group is resolutely pursuing its corporate responsibility agenda. But climate protection is not the only objective. The company’s CR strategy focuses above all on social and corporate engagement.
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Chatbots in incassodienst: Robots beantwoorden servicevragen op een laptop.

Debt collection service: Chatbots never sleep

As the technological options available have increased in recent years so too have consumer expectations about the accessibility of customer service. Nowadays, many companies are using chatbots to ensure faster, round-the-clock processing of customer issues. At EOS too, virtual assistants are giving defaulting payers information and thus providing support to service personnel.
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Zakenman wegkijken: het digitale vertrouwen van de consumenten is klein.

EOS survey reveals that consumers have no digital trust

Do you have digital trust? A recent EOS survey shows that only a minority of consumers believe that companies handle their personal data in a trustworthy way.
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Smartphonegebruikers in de grote stad: gegevens zijn een centrale economische asset geworden.

Data as currency: EOS survey shows consumers are open to selling data

Personal information for money? EOS survey shows that one in three Europeans is willing to sell data in return for attractive rewards.
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Annual Report 2019/20: Dr. Andreas Witzig, Member of the EOS Group’s Board of Directors with responsibility for Western Europe and North America

EOS in Western Europe: fiscal 2019/20 at a glance

EOS Consolidated in Western Europe: slight uptick in revenue thanks to positive business performance and top position as buyer of receivables.
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AI in customer service: Staff member carries a robot through the office

Artificial intelligence in customer service: What’s next, ROLF?

At EOS partner company Svea Finans, a debt collection service provider in Norway, customer service personnel are working with an AI system that helps them make the right decisions when talking to defaulting payers.
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Kunstmatige intelligentie: de intelligente virtuele assistente Amelia van de Firma IPsoft

Artificial intelligence: Why machines won’t make us unemployed.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will not do away with a lot of jobs but make them more interesting by taking over routine tasks. The key to success: clean databases.
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